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face app pro mod apk #faceapp #faceapppro #faceapppromodapk #Apk uygulama

100 Kişi Okudu – 0 Kişi Beğendi Sende Beğen Yorum Yap

faceapp editor wajah

More than 60 highly photorealistic filters

File: http://simp.ly/p/Jh0zrD


• Perfect your selfies with Impression filters
• Add a beard or mustache
• Change your hair color and hairstyle
• Add volume to your hair
• Try hot & trendy makeup filters
• Use creative light effects
• Remove acne and blemishes
• Smooth wrinkles
• Easily enlarge or minimize facial features
• Try out the color lens
• Easy Compare tool at every step to compare before & after
• Total control of temperature, saturation, and more


• Gender Swap: See what you’d look like as a different gender
• Let AI find your best hairstyle and color
• Aging: try our popular Old & Young filters
• Morph your photo with your favorite celebrity
• Swap faces with friends
• See what your future kids would look like
• Borrow your favorite style from different photos
• Put your face in a famous movie scene
• Try weight filters: get bigger or smaller
• And many more fun filters!

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